Purple sprouting broccoli and chickpeas

from 5 Acre Farm

Purple sprouting broccoli from 5 Acre Farm

How delicious is purple sprouting broccoli?! I love it. This stir fry is super simple, tasty and healthy. Eat it as a side dish or as a light meal or yummy lunch.

Copious amounts of 5Acre Farm garlic, chopped


Chilli powder or chopped dried or fresh chillies from 5Acre Farm

Can or carton of drained chickpeas

Roughly chopped 5Acre purple sprouting broccoli

Stir fry all together and serve straight away steaming hot. Yummo.

What do you do with your sprouting broccoli? Send in a photo and a recipe to 5acrefarmblog(at)gmail(dot)com


Broccoli, mushroom and carrot quiche


Charlotte’s recipe using 5 Acre Farm carrot and broccoli:  “This is my sister’s veggie easter sunday treat…quiche incorporating 5acre broccoli & carrots which we fried in some oil & garlic with mushrooms then added to a par-cooked pastry case, poured egg/milk/pepper over the top and added some chunks of (once again) leftover brie from the fridge!”

Roast Veg Salad by Charlotte

5 Acre Farm Vegetables

5 Acre Farm Roast Veg Salad by Charlotte

Charlotte’s roast vegetable salad, using winter purslane and root vegetables from 5 Acre Community Farm.

Charlotte: “This salad is surprisingly filling and even fills up my husband who until very recently would not have been happy with a meat-free dinner. So big thumbs up. And I enjoyed some vanilla & chocolate ice cream for dessert (with toasted seeds on top) as it was such a healthy main ;-). The salad is inspired by the original roast vegie salad on this blog, but used what we currently had in the fridge, so:


Slice up veg into whatever size portions you fancy eating in the salad. This week I used carrot, parsnip, beetroot & red onion (from my veg share box). Place in baking tray & drizzle over olive oil. I did the beetroot in a separate pan to save them leaking colour onto the other veg although this week’s batch didn’t seem overly leaky! 


Roast at 180 (170 fan) for 15 mins, remove from oven & stir. Return to oven & continue to roast for a further 15-20 mins or until cooked to your liking.


Open a can of mixed bean salad and drain off the water.


We also had the remains of a roasted camembert in the fridge (most decadent!) so I thought that would be a nice addition to the salad, but goats or mozzarella cheese would be yummy, or a dollop of hummus


When I removed the beetroot from the roasting tray there was quite a lot of unused oil, so to use this up I cubed some bread, tossed it in the oil then roasted this for about 12 mins for croutons


I used the winter purslane from this week’s box as a base, and some shreds of the red mustard leaves.


Add all the ingredients to the serving bowls, drizzle over dressing of choice (take more dressing to the table as the salad seems to absorb lots of dressing).


Munch away! ”


Charlotte is a member of the vegetable share offered by 5 Acre Community Farm

5 Acre Community Farm LOGO

5 Acre Community Farm

Smashed roast parsnip

Parsnips and garlic from 5 Acre Farm

Parsnips and garlic from 5 Acre Farm

A yummy side dish for any occasion. Recipe doesn’t include amounts as I believe you can put as much or as little as you desire.


Parsnips (chopped roughly, skin left on)

One bunch of flat leaf parsley, chopped finely

One bulb of garlic, ends chopped and roughly squashed with the flat side of your chopping knife, skins left on


Olive oil

Oil for roasting (rapeseed, or olive oil)

Good quality sea salt

Easy peasy

Pre-heat your oven to about 180 degrees, toss your parsnip and garlic in oil and roast until tender. Transfer to serving bowl and smash roughly with a potato masher or fork. Add your olive oil and butter (I’ll let you decide on amounts!), sea salt and parsley and wella.


Kale from 5 Acre Farm

Kale from 5 Acre Farm

I don’t know about you, but I love kale! Kale is a form of cabbage with green and purple leaves. It is very high in beta carotene, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, folate, is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium and has many anti-cancer properties. Kale has also been shown to lower cholesterol and decrease absorption of dietary fat. Sounds like a superfood to me. Many health conscious folk now eat kale raw, dehydrated or in fresh juices. It can also be lightly stir fried or steamed.

My favourite quick side dish is to stir fry chopped kale with a tad of butter, rapeseed oil and a good quality sea salt. Stir fry until just limp. beautiful.

Check out this website for some fantastic kale recipes and more information: http://www.discoverkale.co.uk/

Kale from 5 Acre Farm

Kale from 5 Acre Farm

Roast vegetable salad with tahini dressing

I find this recipe a favourite ‘go to’ recipe when I get a fresh bag of veg from the farm. I am able to use any salad veg and any root veg I get while it’s very fresh. It’s extrememely healthy, full of fibre, makes you chew and just feels good to eat.

Use your favourite salad as a base, using any fresh leaves you get in your share, including the red mustard leaves.

Roast veg salad with tahini dressing

Roast veg salad with tahini dressing


For the roast veg:

Parsnips, beetroot, carrots, brown onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and whatever else you would like to roast. I like to roast about 2 small oven trays worth, as any left over roast veg is brilliant in a frittata.

One can of cooked chickpeas in water.

Paprika and quality sea salt to taste

Good quality cooking oil

For the salad:

Any type of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, peppers (can be roasted if you like), anything you fancy really. Goats cheese or fetta cheese.

Olive oil

Quality sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.

For the tahini dressing:

A couple of heaped tablespoons of natural yoghurt

2 tablespoons of tahini, hulled or non-hulled

honey to taste

a good squeeze of lemon juice

Tahini dressing

Tahini dressing

The super easy steps involved:

Of course, pre-heat your oven, 180 degrees C

Then, chop all you veg in equal cooking sizes, nice and chunky. Parboil if you like. Drizzle a good cooking oil like rapeseed oil over the veg and roast until cooked.

Drain your chickpeas and leave to drain whilst you make your salad.

Dress the salad in olive oil, sea salt and pepper and set aside.

Once you’ve made your salad, make your dressing by combining all dressing ingredients (adding honey and lemon to taste), stir well and keep to the side until serving time.

When the veg are half cooked, lightly coat your chickpeas in some oil, quality salt and paprika (smoked if you want a stronger flavour), pour chickpeas over one of your roast veg trays and return to the oven until the veg are cooked. The texture of the chickpeas cooked this way adds a really nice dimension to the salad.

Once the veg are cooked, toss with salad just before serving, dollop with your tahini dressing and a little more olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Eat straight away, and get chewing.



Red mustard leaves

Red mustard leaves from 5 Acre Farm

Red mustard leaves from 5 Acre Farm

Red mustard leaves are a member of the brassica family, along with turnips, broccoli and cabbage. The leaves are succulent and tender, while the stems are crisp and crunchy and elicit a savoury, spicy and peppery flavour. Use red mustard leaves in salads, braising and in pickling recipes and it also pairs well with many other savoury foods such as poultry, legumes, pork, fish and cheeses. Personally, I add it raw to any salad, and thrown into your favourite stir fry is a great use as well.

Here is a recipe that sounds lovely for the coming warm weather and a good time to start eating lighter cooler meals :


I have not tested this one myself, I think you could make it healthier by swapping bulgur for quinoa and keeping the walnuts raw. Check it out!