Battle of the leek pasty

Battle of the leek pasties!

Charlotte made a delicious cheesy leek and vegetable pasty with her Five Acre leek and carrot. The base is a cheesy white sauce, sautéed leeks and diced carrot. The pasty is then made using the pasty press and puff pastry. After tasting Charlottes, I decided to give it a try as I had a bunch of leeks to use up.

My filling was very similar, I made a white sauce and added some strong cheddar with salt and pepper, sautéed the leeks in some butter until soft, and boiled some  Five Acre carrot and potato until soft (chopped into very small cubes, about .5cm). Mixed all together and using Charlotte’s very cool pasty press cooked until crispy.

I served mine with a salad and some sautéed savoy cabbage. Charlotte served hers with a salad and some homemade Five Acre Farm  potato chips. Delicious!


Mia’s pasties

Ready to go in the ovenCheesy leek and vegetable pasty


Charlotte’s pasty

cheesy leek pasty


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