A take on Jamie Oliver’s Italian Style Beans

Charlotte made some slow cooked broad beans, ‘Jamie Oliver’ style…….. “I made Jamie Oliver’s Italian style beans & added chorizo (we ate cold with pittas, homemade houmous, olives and feta for tea”. Sounds so good!

Jamie recommends butter, borlotti, cannellini, butter or zolfini beans as you can see in the bottom photo. However, if you don’t mind the texture of the broad bean (a bit more fibrous), then these beans are great, full of fibre and very healthy.

A take on Jamie Oliver's Italian Style Beans

 Charlotte’s take on Jamie Oliver’s Italian Style Beans

Jamie Oliver's Italian Style Bean recipe
Jamie Oliver’s Italian Style Bean recipe

I made them myself and had them as a side dish to a lovely grilled zucchini, garlic and chilli linguine. Perfect and filling.

If you have any other ideas, recipes and/or photos of your 5Acre veg, send them through to 5acrefarmblog(at)gmail(dot>com.



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