Byesar (broad bean dip)



Byesar using 5Acre dried broad beans. I had to put this up because it’s nice and quick for me to post! Oh my, this was delicious. According to my partner “this is the best dip I’ve tasted in yonks’, ha ha. It was lovely to have with toasted sourdough before dinner.

I must say, it was a little time consuming for how much it made in the end (a small bowl), so next time I would at least double the quantities. The time consuming part was popping the skins off each individual bean after they were cooked. I sat down and popped away whilst my son ate dinner.

Broad beans soaking

5Acre Broad beans soaking





Watch this space…..I will posting amazing recipes such as Charlotte’s beetroot and chocolate ice cream, lettuce, spring onion and cheese tart and sautéed spring greens with eggy rice……

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