Pea and Broad Bean ‘Houmous’

This is a dip made by Edward using 5Acre broad beans. Check out the recipe here:

Pea and broad bean dip

Thanks Edward! What do you do with your broad beans? I ate mine lightly steam with olive oil and salt. Simple and delish ūüôā Send your ideas, recipes and photos to 5acrefarmblog(at)gmail<dot>com,



Stir-fried spring greens with eggy rice

This was a nice healthy dish using 5Acre Farm spring greens and served with a Jamie Oliver inspired quick spicy eggy rice.

Stir-fried spring greens with eggy rice

Stir-fried spring greens with eggy rice

I’m trying to remember all the ingredients I included as I made it about 4 weeks ago (not very up to date with this one!) and I was also using up any veg I had in the fridge. Here goes:

Firstly, the rice:

1 and a half cups of basmati rice, rinsed until water runs clear and cook absorption method. When the rice is cooking, lightly whisk 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and 2 tablespoons of sesame oil. When the rice is nearly cooked and water nearly absorbed, pour over the egg mix, very lightly fluff with a fork and replace the lid until the egg and the rice is cooked. When it’s done, throw in some chopped coriander and chopped parsley and a dash of sweet chilli. Now it’s ready to serve with a stir-fry or suits anything asian inspired really.

For the stir-fry….

A big bunch of 5Acre Farm spring cabbage leaves

2 cloves garlic


5Acre Farm kohlrabi, just one

About 5 x 5Acre Farm spring onions

About 2 cm of ginger

Just roughly chopped all of these, threw in the garlic and ginger finely chopped. Added some soy sauce and a dash of sweet chilli, chilli powder or fresh chillies to taste (I love chilli) and a good squeeze of lime and wok fry for a few minutes.

Serve with the egg rice and top with more chopped fresh coriander or parsley.

Eggy rice

Eggy rice



Potato salad Italian style

This is a really quick and easy potato salad requiring, well, not much.

Chopped 5Acre Farm  new potatoes or left whole, depending on size, boiled in salted water until just tender. Drain well. Toss potatoes with a good amount of olive oil, sea salt, chopped parsley and some finely chopped or crushed garlic (not too much). Leave it to cool slightly, as the this increases the resistant starch (the fibre) and reduces the GI of the potato. Actually making it healthier!

We enjoyed ours with our bbq last week in the warm weather. Check it out…

Potato salad

Potato salad

Beetroot and potato gratin

Beetroot and potato gratin

Beetroot and potato gratin

This was an idea from a Jamie Oliver recipe, however it was changed and made up along the way to suit my pantry produce. It was delicious! Oh, and Jamie’s didn’t include beetroot, but I think the beetroot just made things more interesting, and lifted the flavour.

The ingredients were:

About 4 5Acre farm beetroots

About 4 large potatoes

2 brown onions

1 tsp of vegetable stock powder


single cream

parmesan cheese

I wanted to have it in a hurry, so I parboiled the sliced potato and sliced beetroot for about 5 minutes. Then drain well. Meanwhile, I sauteed    the sliced brown onion with some oil, threw in some fresh rosemary, the tsp of stock powder, salt and pepper taste. I put the drained potatoes and beets into the frypan and tossed with the onion. Then transferred to a baking dish, drizzled over the cream and topped with grated parmesan. Baked it in the oven until cooked and browned on the top.

Beetroot and potato gratin on the plate

Beetroot and potato gratin on the plate

Kohlrabi and carrot salad

Kohlrabi and carrot salad

Kohlrabi and carrot salad

I made this up on the spot and it was really nice. Very refreshing and a great side dish for any meal, or by itself as a healthy lunch.

5Acre Farm kohlrabi 2 peeled and grated

5Acre Farm carrots, about 6-7 small ones grated

Half a red onion, chopped

Handful of raisins.

Tablespoon of runny honey

Juice of lemon

pinch of salt

Toss altogether and serve…..