Kale and Pea Risotto

A dish I made quickly for my son’s dinner. I’m sure you can jazz it up a little. Adding some chicken would be more hardy also. I used one small 5Acre brown onion and half a 5Acre garlic clove chopped finely and sauteed in butter until softened. Add your risotto/aborio rice and stir until translucent. Add boiling vegetable stock and stir often until the rice is nearly cooked. Stir in the 5Acre kale finely chopped and throw in some frozen peas. Add more stock if required and heat through. Stir in a dash of thin cream (optional) and some grated parmesan. It’s that simple and takes 20 minutes. A quick and nutritious kids meal, but of course it’s also good enough for adults 🙂 .


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