Chanterelles and parsnips – who knew?

Sent in by Susan, the Main Grower at 5Acre Farm.

Parsnip and chanterelle stew

Bye Bye Winter Stew

Bye Bye Winter Stew

“Just stumbled upon a marvellous flavour combination; parsnips and chanterelle mushrooms.  The parsnip and chanterelle combo is just devine (I might be biased as they are two of my favourite things) – I’ve not found many mushrooms locally but I am sure they are out there – mine were Scottish!


5acre onions chopped and fried, add diced organic beef, as they brown add a good slug of home brew.

Roughly chop 5acre parsnips and pop in a pan with a pint of veg stock.

Add beef and onions, season to taste.

Add a good handful of dried chanterelle mushrooms. Slow simmer for at least  3/4 hr (might work well in the oven or in a slow cooker).

Cook rice, and just before it’s cooked, throw in a big handful of 5acre kale to steam.

Serve with the rest of the home brew!!




Smashed roast parsnip

Parsnips and garlic from 5 Acre Farm

Parsnips and garlic from 5 Acre Farm

A yummy side dish for any occasion. Recipe doesn’t include amounts as I believe you can put as much or as little as you desire.


Parsnips (chopped roughly, skin left on)

One bunch of flat leaf parsley, chopped finely

One bulb of garlic, ends chopped and roughly squashed with the flat side of your chopping knife, skins left on


Olive oil

Oil for roasting (rapeseed, or olive oil)

Good quality sea salt

Easy peasy

Pre-heat your oven to about 180 degrees, toss your parsnip and garlic in oil and roast until tender. Transfer to serving bowl and smash roughly with a potato masher or fork. Add your olive oil and butter (I’ll let you decide on amounts!), sea salt and parsley and wella.