Susan’s Lune Bean Pickle

Lune Bean Pickle

This recipe comes from the other side of the world, where the moon is upside down, preserved in a minuscule notebook and bottles up the perfection of September for the winter so do give it a go and add to your bank account.

2 1/2 lb 5Acre runner beans

300g  5Acre onions

1 tbspn salt

1/2 tpspn pepper

1 tbspn mustard

1/2 tbspn tumeric

1/2 tbpsn plain flour

1 lb sugar

1 quart vinegar – your choice, cider vinegar probably best but can be pricey if not homemade.

curry powder to taste

Slice runners in diagonal slices like your granny showed you, after de stringing if necessary. Roughly chop onions for outdoor eating – finely/neatly chop for gifts/showing off.

Bring to boil vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Add onions and beans and boil gently til tender (10 min?). Mix flour, turmeric, mustard and curry with a little cold vinegar. Add to beans and boil for ten minutes. Bottle in clean jars.

Best enjoyed with some Warwickshire Truckle and oatcakes and homebrew beer in the fresh air!

Equally can be served in fine china with a posh indoor ploughmans by a roaring fire with of course a glass of elderberry wine :-).


Pickled Beets and Eggs

Sent in by 5 Acre Farm member Esther:

“One of my great loves is pickles. While I am trying to experiment with fermented pickles I am much more confident with the more common vinegar based ones. Two of my particular favourites are beetroot and eggs but both can often be overly astringent when you use just vinegar so when I saw this recipe I thought I had to try it.

I roasted my 5Acre beetroot instead of boiling them so I used water instead of the beet water but otherwise I stick to the recipe. The result is a much, much milder and sweeter flavour which I think would appeal to people who find pickles too strong normally and you get PURPLE eggs,who isn’t going to be intrigued by that?

These eggs and beetroots have been sitting in the liquid a couple of weeks, but if you eat them sooner the colour is more graduated as you cut through the egg.

Pickled Beets and Eggs

Pickled Beets and Eggs

The beetroot was from the farm of course and the eggs from our girls, while they aren’t technically from the farm they do enjoy the occasional bag of veg from the spares pile so in a way the eggs come from the farm at least a tiny bit.”